The Venz Approach 

Venz Weddings & Events Styling specialize in intimate gatherings, lavish events, and detail orientated styling. Passionate about everything we do, our work is exceptional and distinctive. Drawing Inspiration from beautiful elements is a daily experience and incorporating current trends and customs assures there will always be something new around the corner. Sophisticated Service is our primary objective and a great team of professionals, resources and experience ensures that you’ll be left with a lingering sense of awe and wonder.

Meet your Wedding Planner: Venette Wolmarans

It all started when I was vising a friend one day and we were talking about the oversea’s holiday she had just had with her husband and two kiddies. We were talking about how good a time she had and all the fun they had as a family but that she was glad to be home and looked forward to going back to work. I remember thinking that I want to feel that way about my career and job one day(I was still studying at the time). When I left her house that day I had this feeling in my heart that I want to do weddings and I want to work Cape Town and that’s what I did. Six  months later my bags were packed and the moving truck was ready, and the rest is history as they say.

When I now look back at my childhood I can see that I was always a “planner”. I was the one planning class parties, getting everyone on board and telling them what to do and bring for the parties. With our family I was never one for being in the kitchen and cooking. I was always making sure the table was set pretty, that there were flowers and that everything that would be needed for a wonderful en joyous dinner was on the table. My birthday’s was the best!! My Mom and I would plan my birthday parties around a theme each year and spoil me and my friends to wonderful food, desserts and excursions. My friends couldn’t wait to see what I would plan for my next birthday!

Today I absolutely love my job. In fact it is not a job, it is playing!! I get to work with one of the most treasured moments of couples lives!! From planning of the day to decor and styling to the coordination it is all so much fun. I work very closely with my couples and really get to know them as individuals but also as a couple and what it is that they envision for their special day! It is so special seeing two individuals promise eternal commitment to each other and to get to be a part and share in that moment is why I love my job as much as I do!!


Boutique Style Planning

We know that planning a bespoke wedding can be a demanding and time-consuming process so therefore we have created an intimate boutique consultative environment with hands on personalized service to meet the requirements of every one of our couples.

We will guide you in bringing together your original wedding concept – whether it is an intimate gathering or large and lavish event – to setting the scene, and every last detail in between.

We offer multiple options from full planning of your wedding day, to styling and decor to on the day coordination. We can also custom design a wedding package to suit your specific needs.

Boutique Planning Services

  • Guiding you from concept to conceptualisation
  • Venue scouting & liaising
  • Selecting, briefing and booking the most appropriate service providers
  • Developing a step by step timeline for your wedding day
  • Designing & managing the styling, decor and design process
  • Menu, bar and entertainment planning
  • Project and budget management
  • Offering exclusive pre- and post wedding activities and gatherings

Wedding Packages

  • Full Wedding Planning
  • Partial Wedding Planning
  • Flowers & Decor Styling
  • On the Day Coordination

Our boutique planning services also allows for us to customize packages to your exact needs and dreams. Your dream day is our priority.